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Sc Founders Badge

What is it?

The Founder's Badge will be the first user badge to be released on ScreenClub to commemorate and reward the earliest and most loyal ScreenClub users that help support and shape the app in the earliest days. User badges are unique flair that users can show off all across the ScreenClub app, on their profiles, comments, posts, and more. 

Badge Tiers

Founding Member (Tier 1)

First 100 Users  

Disciple (Tier 2)

First 1,000 Users

Believer (Tier 3)

First 10,000 Users

Early Adopter (Tier 4)

First 100,000 Users

When do I get my badge?

User badges are a feature coming soon and planned for Q4 of 2024. 

*Based on date your account was created. ScreenClub reserves the right to exclude inactive accounts, spam accounts, and/or multiple accounts under one person at their own discretion

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